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"A Walk in Time" celebrating the 250th Anniversary of Plainfield Township


As the County of Northampton was defined and established in 1752, it included all of Eastern Pennsylvania both North and Northwest of Bucks County. Jacob Hubler, and Lanart Carne, were appointed by the Court to oversee the Plainfield Township roads in 1755. In December of 1762, Jacob Hubler, was the first of twelve residents to sign a petition to present to the Court of Quarter sessions held in Easton for the County of Northampton. The petitioners’ request to conduct a survey to set the boundaries of Plainfield Township was approved and recorded by the Court on December 24, 1762. The name Plainfield was given to the Township because it was devoid of trees. The Indians had set fire to the area to clear it for driving game through Wind Gap for harvesting. In 2012, after existing for a Quarter-Millennial, Plainfield Township remains a rural community with beautiful views of the Blue Mountains, and preserved farms dotting the landscape.

On July 24, 2012, at the opening ceremonies of the Plainfield Farmers’ Fair, State Representative Marcia Hahn presented a certificate from the PA House of Representatives, and Marta Gabriel a representative from US Senator Pat Toomey’s office presented a certificate commemorating the 250th Anniversary of the Township.

The Township is in the process of planning events to celebrate the 250th Anniversary, your help and participation would be greatly appreciated. “A Walk In Time” 250th Anniversary T-shirts are available for $12 each. If you would like to purchase a T-shirt or help with 250th Anniversary preparations, call 610-759-6944.

The Plainfield Township Board of Supervisors continuously strive for open and transparent government. The governing body has formally adopted a resolution in order to comply with the Pennsylvania Right-to-Know Law, Act 3 of 2008.

If you wish to make a request for public information under the Right-to-Know law, you may do so in person, by fax or e-mail. Please follow the procedure below.

Download a Right-To-Know Request Form or request one in person at the Plainfield Township Municipal Building. You may also obtain forms from the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records website at

Submit the request form to:

Plainfield Township Right-to-Know/Open Records Officer
Thomas R. Petrucci, Township Manager
6292 Sullivan Trail
Nazareth, PA 18064

Please keep in mind the following:

The Right-to-Know Officer must respond to your request within 5 business days.

A fee of $0.25 per page will be assessed for all requests. If mailing is requested, the cost of postage will be charged. If a disk is requested, it will be provided by the Township at the cost of $1.00 per disk.

A new disk will be necessary each time records are provided. Fax copies will be available at the cost of $0.50 per page. If “True and Correct Certification” is requested, an additional charge of $2.00 will be added. The Township will require prepayment if the total fees are estimated to exceed $100.00.

The cost of the reproduction of Specialized Documents (including but not limited to blueprints and non-standard size documents, etc.) shall be billed at Actual Cost.

Any questions may be directed to the Right-to-Know/Open Records Officer at 610-759-6944 or via email at


(a) Authorization. — (1) If a written request for access to a record is denied or deemed denied, the requester may file an appeal with the Office of Open Records or judicial, legislative or other appeals officer designated under section 503(d) within 15 business days of the mailing date of the agency’s response or within 15 business days of a deemed denial. The appeal shall state the grounds upon which the requester asserts that the record is a public record, legislative record or financial record and shall address any grounds stated by the agency for delaying or denying the request. (2) Except as provided in section 503(d), in the case of an appeal of a decision by a Commonwealth agency or local agency, the Office of Open Records shall assign an appeals officer to review the denial.

(b) Determination. — (1) Unless the requester agrees otherwise, the appeals officer shall make a final determination which shall be mailed to the requester and the agency within 30 days of receipt of the appeal filed under subsection (a). (2) If the appeals officer fails to issue a final determination within 30 days, the appeal is deemed denied. (3) Prior to issuing a final determination, a hearing may be conducted. The determination by the appeals officer shall be a final order. The appeals officer shall provide a written explanation of the reason for the decision to the requester and the agency.

(c) Direct interest. — (1) A person other than the agency or requester with a direct interest in the record subject to an appeal under this section may, within 15 days following receipt of actual knowledge of the appeal but no later than the date the appeals officer issues an order, file a written request to provide information or to appear before the appeals officer or to file information in support of the requester’s or agency’s position. (2) The appeals officer may grant a request under paragraph (1) if: (i) no hearing has been held; (ii) the appeals officer has not yet issued its order; and (iii) the appeals officer believes the information will be probative. (3) Copies of the written request shall be sent to the agency and the requester.

Emergencies Dial 911 Police: 610-759-8517 Fire: 610-863-3302 Municipal: 610-759-6944